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Whether you are buying or selling a property; obtaining inspection reports are of the most importance.  These professionals will help you understand the condition of a property from top to bottom. 

Many sellers in today's market are obtaining inspections up front prior to coming on the market.  This is a good way to provide prospective buyers with as much information as possible prior to writing an offer. And for a seller, it can help save money with further negotiations once in contract by giving buyers these reports up front. 

It will help a buyer understand what type of condition the property is in and that can help in determining what price to offer.  

A home inspection is a visual exam of the structure and systems of a house. It details problems with the property and if they’re serious enough to prevent a sale. The three main points of an inspection are physical condition, items in need of repair or replacement, and the remaining useful life of major systems.

A report won’t cover defects that are not visible, inoperable systems (e.g., A/C during the winter), or code violations.

It is very important to be present during the inspection: you can ask the inspector questions, and the inspector can point out areas of potential trouble and may offer maintenance tips.

Home Inspectors are licensed contractors and so there is not conflict of interest,  just inspect  properties. 

It is advised once you have received a report, to hire an independent contractor to price each repair out stated on any said inspection report. 

Depending on the size and age of a home, inspections take anywhere between 3-5 hours, and cost between $500-650.00.